So Far From Yesterday by Wil S.

Because of fear, resentment, self-hate, and faithfulness, I made a conscious decision to block out reality. Thus I decided to get involved in a life of drugs. Finding myself surrounded by people who were just like me, who had given up on life. I managed to believe that I was where I belonged. After coming to the realization that I am an addict, I found that suggestions freely given to me through the process of recovery and working with my sponsor and accepting the help of my higher power, whom I choose to call God, something miraculous happened in that bitter life. My weakness has become a great part of the strength I share with other people in our network and fellowship. Today I live one day at a time. Today I know that as I put action behind my willingness and action behind the other positive aspects of this process of recovery and continue to turn, even the smallest matters in my life, over to my higher power that I have hope!! Just for Today!