We Need You!!! by Harry T. (Omaha, NE)

Hello, my name is Harry and I’m a drug addict. I like many others needed the rooms of Cocaine Anonymous long before I got here. Once I got here it took some time before I realized how much I needed the fellowship (people) to maintain my sobriety. I thank you for sharing your experiences, strength and hope with me, for accepting me as I was, insanity and all. So it is with much gratitude that I give back in whatever capacity that I can. I can’t do everything and you have never asked me to. I am as busy as the next guy. I have a wife, family, job , and a life thanks to Cocaine Anonymous but somehow I find the time to attend meetings, get into service, and sponsor newcomers.

There are some questions I must ask myself, so I had to search my heart and meditate on some things. This is what I saw; there are thirteen active CA meetings, why haven’t I attended them? The meeting of the month is to promote unity. Unity means the combination of parts into a whole, quality of being in one accord and in harmony with one another (unification). What part do I play in my recovery? Our common welfare comes first; my personal recovery depends on CA unity. WHY won’t I support the fundraisers given by my fellowship? They really need my support. WHY won’t I sponsor newcomers? Have I gotten so comfortable in the world and myself around me that I think that it doesn’t matter whether I show up or not?

Well think again (my thinking got me here). It does matter. My life depends on it BIG TIME! What I discover through my experience is that when I don’t participate, I settle for less. When I do that, there is no peace, love, joy, or serenity in my life. But, when I give freely of what was given to me, I get more peace and joy than I could ever dream possible, so I give back freely.

I say to you; Come join us as we trudge this road together.WE NEED YOU!!!