The Rebirth (9 years in captivity) by Butch W.


I escaped from slavery on April 29th, 2005. This may sound strange in this day and age, but it’s true. I was a slave. I was owned by a master who went by the name, Crack Cocaine.

I had tried to escape many times before, but it just seemed that I couldn’t get away. But now I have found the courage and tools to escape. With the help of the fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous, I now feel free.

But the fight must continue so that I can feel like a man again. The fight must and will continue. For this simple fact: I am a Dope Fiend. I am an addict with a disease that can lead to my recapture. Put back into bondage if I don’t follow the few simple rules set before me to succeed. I’ve come to realize that I need God to be with me on this mission for this Freedom to continue. I compare my addiction to slavery because that’s how it made me feel. Useless, worked for free, and owning nothing. I felt less than a man because I couldn’t provide for my family. I loved my master more then I loved myself.

So let us not forget who we are underneath the new clothes. We are, and will always be, drug addicts. That’s why I call this story ‘The Rebirth’, because to stay clean and sober, you must be reborn.

And with that, I’ll take another 24.