Stay Grateful by Shereata

I’ve come to realize that when I practice an attitude of gratitude, finding a positive out of the negative occurrences in my life are possible. I’m able to overcome the desire, or even contemplate picking up a drink or a drug. I pray consistently; and when feelings arise that I’m uncomfortable with — I talk to my sponsor, my network, and get to a meeting if need be. A year and a half ago, October first, I would not have been able to express myself that way. I’ve learned so much by listening to the ones that have come before me (the winners that is). Since I arrived here in Omaha, I call home for now, and until I get further instructions form my higher power to whom I choose to call God.

I have progressed such that some close friends could see the change. Believe me, I was a pretty mixed up individual, at least today I have an idea of the direction I’d like to go. I still need a lot of repairing and adjusting, which perhaps will take a lifetime, but I don’t mind. My recovery is so sincere; I don’t find it difficult to say “To Thine own Self be True” anymore. I’m doing what’s in front of me to maintain quality sobriety. I feel I’m at least doing the very best I’m capable of in each twenty-four hours. I am working towards a more purposeful life. I’ve also learned I don’t have to be perfect, “progress not perfection.” A defect of character of mine is assuming that I could be perfect. Knowing today I don’t have to be perfect in order for people to accept me for who I am. Still changing slow but sure. In the past I never thought I needed to change; I thought I needed to change clothes, shoes, hats, etc… The materialism has lessoned and I’ve accepted the fact that I need to change me and only me.

Because of Gods guidance and my obedience I didn’t make that trip back to hell as I call it (Tampa Fl.) where I know today I would not be where I am. Having had the opportunity to receive long-term treatment that I’d never received before. First go at an Omaha Recovery Center, I found I was humble enough to say in. I let my pride down because that is how much I wanted recovery. I took the suggestion from my sponsor and stayed, which proved to be well worth all my efforts. I stuck it out with Gods help. Being there was a stepping-stone to my recovery. Last but not least, I was accepted at a Transitional Housing program where I’ve truly had time to grow. Learning to live life on life’s terms.

I have completed my story; there is success. I’m ready to move on into a life on my own, raising my two children. Being at New Creations was quite rewarding; the treatment and after care I receive has shown me humility in a whole new light. I’ve built a new life here in Omaha with lots of support. I’m glad I stuck it out. Today I can say I am a Miracle just working and waiting the rewards of sobriety. Being of maximum service to God and others, I want serving to become a part of my daily life.

Thanks for Listening.

Thanks again God for everything, especially the fellowship of CA