Do or Die (Recover or Relapse) by Brother in Recovery

This twelve step program of recovery has been a blessing in disguise. It has been what I’ve been looking for over the past twenty years. My life has been really twisted, as a direct result of my using. But by an act of providence (A God Thing), I was exposed to the C.A. program.

At first, I could not or would not follow the program as laid down before by the Big Book, my sponsor, and others that had achieved sobriety. So I went back out and truly almost died. Again, by the grace of God I made it back to the rooms of C.A.. I got back with me a strong sponsor and we got busy in the big book. I went at the program of recovery with all I have. Life today is good (not perfect).

So, to anyone who is looking to save their life from drugs, this is the chance of a lifetime. God can move and will move mountains out of people’s lives, but the person or individual must do the footwork and apply themselves to this simple program or the chances are…for me… not to good, maybe death. The choice is mine (to apply or die) God bless!